“Great teacher who caters effectively to all different styles and skill levels, and makes all lessons engaging and enjoyable from the get-go.”

Henry Butler-Phillips, Hobart.

“I’m so thankful that I came across Andrew, he really opened up my ears and gave me some great information to allow me to pursue music full time professionally. It’s obvious that he’s passionate about music education and we need more people like you in this world. Thank you, you rock! Or jazz! Or whatever style you want! :)”

Peron Lan, Melbourne.

“I’ve been going to lessons with Andrew for 9 months. He is friendly, easy to relate to and lets your interests drive what is taught. His knowledge across a range of genres is really impressive. There’s an easy balance between practice and theory in his lessons and he presents theory in an accessible, understandable way. The improvements I’ve made have given me a lot more confidence and provide good structure and motivation to play each week. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone at any level who loves or is interested in the guitar!”

Jemma Dacy, Hobart.

“When ever someone asks me if they know a good guitar teacher, I say no. I know a GREAT one; go and see Andrew Sweeney. Even my own daughter prefers to learn from Andy than from her old man! A great teacher of all styles of music and for students of all ages. You wont be disappointed!”

Stefan LeMottee, Hobart.

“I was introduced to Andrew by a professional musician who himself came to Andrew for lessons to improve his technique. I’ve been coming to Andrew for guitar lessons for 5 years now. Every lesson I learn something new and exciting. Andrew has introduced me to a variety of music, taught me new ways to think about music and fed my musical needs and desire to learn. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone interested in getting guitar lessons.”

Nick Walker, Hobart.

“Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and teaches from a diverse range of musical genres. He has been teaching guitar to my son for the last two years, and I can attest to his exceptional patience when working with children. Since beginning guitar lessons with Andrew, there has been a noticeable improvement in my son’s attention-span, self-esteem and musical ability, to say the least. As a bonus, Andrew has the experience of actually working as a musician, not just a teacher, so he knows the business. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar – whether as a hobby or potential career.”

Kimberly Kus, Hobart.

“I’ve been taking my son to Andrew for a few months now, and he is loving the guitar lessons. He learns songs that he can play straight away, which is amazing for the confidence. My son also requests songs and Andrew writes the music based on my son’s skills, on the spot. I also sit in on the lessons, so essentially I’m learning, too! 🙂 Would highly recommend Andrew for guitar lessons.”

Nina Rosenzweig, Hobart.

“As a complete beginner I started having lessons with Andrew about 5 months ago. In that time I have learnt heaps and I’m motivated to learn more. I find Andrew has the people skills and obviously the guitar skills to teach. His knowledge, patience and positive feedback have really encouraged me to practice at home – the results are exciting. 🙂 ”

Philip Atheron, Hobart.

“I’ve been going to Andrew now for over 3 years, and love every lesson. We work together on improving my sound and technique, he is interested in doing what you want and is a very good teacher. He gives a mix of learning songs and music theory in practical form. I recommend Andrew to everyone wanting to learn guitar.”

Keith Paul, Hobart.

“Not only is Andy a phenomenal musical technician with a gift for teaching, but he has the best ears in the business! Andy’s constructive criticism, feedback and insights have helped me enormously over the years to develop my skills as a musician and producer.”

Eidolan Erin, Hobart

“I’ve been going to Andrew for lessons for three years. During this time I’ve gone from complete beginner to having the confidence to play with family and friends. I greatly enjoy Andrew’s enthusiasm, his knowledge of musicians and music genres. He has taught me songs from a diversity of artists, many I wouldn’t have thought of by myself. I’m developing the skills to improvise, play lead guitar, and deepening my understanding of music theory. My lesson each week provides me with the motivation to keep extending myself. Andrew’s friendly, professional manner sets me at ease and provides an environment conducive to learning. I highly recommend Andrew as a teacher.”

Karen Johnson, Hobart.

“I’ve been going to Andrew for lessons for years now, from a total beginner to being pretty competent (if I say so myself) and couldn’t be happier. He’s super accommodating and dedicated to teaching you what you want to learn, and helping give direction on what you should be learning. He’s a fantastic guitarist and knows his stuff in theory and technique better than anyone else I know. Really nice guy too. Well worth the money. I’d recommend him to anybody wanting to improve their guitar skills at any level.”

Frank Williamson, Hobart.

“My 9 year old and 15 year old sons have both really become enthusiastic about practicing their guitars since having lessons with Andrew. He is a very patient teacher and the boys really want to play like him! He has a methodical approach. He lets the boys learn songs they are interested in while teaching the right techniques, so they can apply what they’ve learnt to a range of genres.”

Sharon Waldron, Hobart.

“I’ve been going to lessons with Andrew for several months and have left every single lesson feeling that I’ve learnt something new. I’ve really enjoyed learning how to play some of my favourite songs and already feel that my playing and technique have improved in a short amount of time, thanks to Andrew’s help.”

Chelsea King, Hobart.

“I’ve been attending guitar lessons weekly for the past 12 months. Within this time I have gone from not knowing anything about using a guitar to giving me the confidence to play in front of people. Andrew’s humour, professionalism and patience has given me motivation and confidence to love playing guitar. I have learnt so much from Andrew. Not only does he teach you how to play with correct technique, but also trains your ears to recognise chords. He works with you and teaches any genre of music. And with the first lesson for free I would strongly recommend Andrew as a fantastic guitar teacher!”

Mark Locke, Hobart.

“Andrew is a great guitar teacher, very helpful. I have really enjoyed the weekly guitar lessons over the last 2 years.”

Elliot Lee, Hobart.

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