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Hobart Guitar Lessons offers guitar tuition for any style, any level and any age in Hobart, Tasmania. The guitar lessons are personalised and structured. The first guitar lesson is offered as a free no-obligation trial. Learn the basics or improve your existing guitar skills if you play already. Learn to play the guitar in the context of music that you like, whether you are just a beginner or an advanced guitarist. Centrally located in a comfortable studio environment five minutes from the Hobart CBD with easy parking and Metro bus access. Online lessons via Skype or Zoom are also provided for.

The guitar lessons are provided by Andrew Sweeney and focus on your needs and particular skill set. Rock, metal, pop, blues, jazz and folk guitar can all be catered for to a very high standard. Current and past guitar students range from primary school children to adults and in level from complete beginners to Conservatorium students/post-graduates and professional musicians.

30 years of professional playing and teaching experience both privately and at many schools.

For more details, pricing and bookings contact Andrew:

Phone: 0418 367 929

Email: hobartguitarlessons@gmail.com

Address: 18 Cross Street New Town

Facebook: facebook.com/HobartGuitarLessons/


Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and teaches from a diverse range of musical genres. He has been teaching guitar to my son for the last two years, and I can attest to his exceptional patience when working with children. Since beginning guitar lessons with Andrew, there has been a noticeable improvement in my son’s attention-span, self-esteem and musical ability, to say the least. As a bonus, Andrew has the experience of actually working as a musician, not just a teacher, so he knows the business. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar – whether as a hobby or potential career.”

Kimberly Kus, Hobart

“Excellent, excellent teacher. Andrew taught me for 5 years which helped me with pursuing my career as musician with going to the Conservatorium of music and gigging frequently around the Hobart scene. Is also currently teaching my younger sister and has so for a few years now, she’s is improving drastically and will probably surpass me if I’m not careful! Would recommend Andrew for anyone who wants to start or learn more about the guitar!

Sean Hall, Hobart

I was introduced to Andrew by a professional musician who himself came to Andrew for guitar lessons to improve his technique. I’ve been coming to Andrew for guitar lessons for 5 years now. Every lesson I learn something new and exciting. Andrew has introduced me to a variety of music, taught me new ways to think about music and fed my musical needs and desire to learn. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone interested in getting guitar lessons.”

Nick Walker, Hobart.

“I’m so thankful that I came across Andrew, he really opened up my ears and gave me some great information to allow me to pursue music full time professionally. It’s obvious that he’s passionate about music education and we need more people like you in this world. Thank you, you rock! Or jazz! Or whatever style you want! 🙂

Peron Lan, Melbourne.

As a complete beginner I started having guitar lessons with Andrew about 5 months ago. In that time I have learnt heaps and I’m motivated to learn more. I find Andrew has the people skills and obviously the guitar skills to teach. His knowledge, patience and positive feedback have really encouraged me to practice at home – the results are exciting.”

Philip Atheron, Hobart.

I’ve been going to lessons with Andrew for 9 months. He is friendly, easy to relate to and lets your interests drive what is taught. His knowledge across a range of genres is really impressive. There’s an easy balance between practice and theory in his lessons and he presents theory in an accessible, understandable way. The improvements I’ve made have given me a lot more confidence and provide good structure and motivation to play each week. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone at any level who loves or is interested in the guitar!”

Jemma Dacy, Hobart.

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Acoustic and electric guitar tracks by Andrew:

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A complete list of services offered by Hobart Guitar Lessons:

  • Private guitar lessons in Hobart tailored to suit you.
  • Learn just the basics or take your existing guitar playing skills to a new level.
  • Learn skills on the guitar that are relevant to your musical goals.
  • Electric and/or acoustic guitar in any style.
  • Flatpicking and/or fingerstyle guitar.
  • Play guitar pieces from accurately and professionally transcribed music.
  • Improvisation, composition, arranging and songwriting techniques across a wide range of genres.
  • Music theory and guitar fretboard harmony presented in a unified, practical and playable form.
  • Training in guitar amplifier and guitar effect pedal usage, tone shaping and sound design.
  • Rhythm and aural training with a focus on contemporary music and the guitar.
  • Recording studio, mixing, sequencing and music software tutoring on high-end equipment with an experienced engineer. (Cranesong and Lynx AD/DA converters, ProAc, Avantone and Yamaha monitoring, Rupert Neve Designs outboard preampscompressors and tape emulators, TK Audio BC1-S stereo buss compressor, AEA, Josephson, Rode, Shure microphones plus many industry-standard plugins).

Hobart Guitar Lessons was established in 2005.

ABN: 33 793 775 350. Business No.: BN01724939. Registered as “Hobart Guitar Lessons”.

“The guitar has a kind of excitement possessed by nothing else” – Brian May

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